Are double beds allowed in Roblox?

Are double beds, as shown below, fully allowed on Roblox? Silly question but I want to fully comply with Roblox’s ToU and if a shareable bed is in a grey area, I won’t even start modelling it.

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I think they’re okay to exist, but it might be another story if both sides are separately usable. Though, by that logic, you also won’t be able to allow two single beds placed directly next to each other. I’m not really sure what the answer is in this case as I don’t believe there’s any specific rules regarding this.

I think it would be safer to go with single beds. But in my personal opinion, players could act inappropriately regardless of if the bed is single or double, therefore I don’t think it should matter (again, this is an opinion and not based on whatever is deemed appropriate by Roblox).


I’ll just go with single beds. In retrospect: two players sleeping in the same bed is already iffy in the grey area imo.

As for placing two beds next to eachother, I feel like Roblox mods would see that that isn’t intended but can be done anyway. Since my experience allows free building, I don’t think it’s possible to stop that. If I did find a way to prevent it, players would just use basic building blocks to circumvent it.

Thanks for your opinion.

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It would depend on how your building works, but there are a few ways to detect that. The best method would probably be to have a larger hitbox around the bed that checks for other nearby beds to the left or right before placing. You can also do raycasts or distance checks. If your building system is tile based, you can check that way too.

While I don’t think it would normally matter and no other game, especially of of Roblox, has this issue. But there’s examples like Meep City (I think it was) where there was trouble involving private parties at player homes and things like that. I believe they ended up removing that feature in the end. Though that was a while ago, so I don’t really know.

I also don’t agree with Koneko in this video as Roblox developers shouldn’t have to do the job of moderators. Players can and will try to be inappropriate in any game. While obviously a developer shouldn’t promote those sort of activities or make it easier with could-be suggestive content, how do you expect a developer to moderate their own game when there are potentially hundreds or thousands of servers, and often it’s happening privately?

Actually, one of my commends does a better job of explaining this:

A developer cannot be expected to moderate their game. The only thing they can be expected to do is prevent inappropriate in a meaningful manner via code. Limiting the parties to 13+ is about as much as they possibly could do. Perhaps also making it friends only. But no, it would be ridiculous to expect developers to moderate their game like that. That would be Roblox’s job. The developer is only responsible for negligence.

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I think this is the simplest solution. I’ll try it out when I get around to it.

Do you think it’d be allowed if I had “small” and “large” beds? There would only be one pillow but it’d allow for bigger beds.

From what I know Hotel (the Game that in the storyline comes before Camping) has beds, and multiple Players can sleep on them, so you shouldn’t have problems, just make sure there isn’t anything that can look… you got what I mean

I think there shouldn’t be problem with that, just do what I said above

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I’ll allow for sleeping in beds n whatnot but two players in one bed seems like a grey area. I want to ‘future proof’ my experience and avoiding grey areas sounds like a nice way to go about it.

Thanks for the idea though, I’ll make an appropriate animation for sleeping, nothing exploitable.

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This is what I mean by there not being a point regardless of if it’s a double or single bed. Yes, only allowing sleeping is good. But if a player can jump up on a bed, then they can stand over another player that’s laying on the bed and now you’ve got an issue. This can happen regardless of if it’s a double or single bed.

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With this way of thinking, players don’t even need beds to be inappropriate. Maybe I’ll make everyone permanently invisible and unable to move.

Seriously though, maybe I’ll just not have bed animations? I think that’d allow for double beds without anything inappropriate?

What I would do is something like:
If you are on top of the bed, it puts you in the bed sleeping, and it puts you on either free side, this will make it so you can’t do that

That’s exactly my point. It doesn’t help that there don’t appear to be any specific rules regarding this. Neither does the moderation history of experience owners getting in trouble because of their own players. What are we supposed to do? Where is the line?

I’d just stick with single beds or only allow one player per bed. Then you can prevent other players from getting on top of the bed with an invisible part or some other method (an invisible part can just be removed via exploits, so maybe a combination of code and parts would do the trick. Although apparently exploits can make all sorts of NSFW stuff happen anyway, which is currently being used to falsely terminate developers).

There is a false termination method going around right now where users are joining public games on alts and breaking TOS and then reporting the user's account to get them terminated.

Just private any public games you have in order to keep safe from this exploit.

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