Are "Exploits" actually gone?

Are “Exploits” actually gone?

From the title, I’m here to ask if Exploits are really gone.

From byfron’s release, most exploiters just vanished. Especially with Synapse X joining roblox.
I’ve heard byfron has been bypassed by someone already? I don’t know if this is true or not.
If exploits are gone, should I use less anti-cheat? Should I use no anti-cheat? Should I just keep the same measures for exploiting?

I’ve saw some players flying in some games I was playing, I don’t know if they were using admin or cheats. Should I improve my anti-cheat for what might be coming? Are Exploits really gone?

If you don’t care to answer, don’t answer at all. I’m really here for answers I need.


Exploits will never be gone fully. Its impossible


Hm. Can’t roblox change the part of code that is easily breached into by exploits?


Yes, byfron patched all the exploits out there but exploiters are still trying to bypass it. Also there are some exploit owners that have bypassed byfron already and thats true. The fact that exploits can be stopped new ones are going to come again. SO yes add a good anticheat system for your game. Like you cant just get away with it.


Not to advertise, but someone named “Cheat Buddy” managed to break through byfron.
This person is heavily skilled if they managed to do it all by themselves, its insane.


:skull: I never heard of him but even you can exploit from mobile devices without byfron bypasssing xD

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all they do is simulate a mobile version on their pc cause byfron is not there on mobile yet

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byfron isnt on android yet so theres lots of exploits still there

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I’m still seeing players exploiting, but on mobile. I think they’re using Hydrogen, or some other mobile exploit. Byfron doesn’t seem to work on mobile.

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They are usually using a exploit named “Evon”. Also there are some exploiters on ios. No idea how

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again, don’t want to advertise. but upon further research I discovered a computer product that is for sale called ‘krampus’ it bypasses byfron on pc. I DON’T ENDORSE EXPLOITS


also they are exploiting on ios using something called sideloading, it allows them to install apps that aren’t on the app store

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No, exploits are not gone. People are still cheating. If I recall, people are still exploiting by using a program named krampus. It uses a key system and somehow ignores byfron completely.

in a blog post from roblox, they actually say its very hard to stop and prevent, but very easy to detect

Yes there some apps like sideStore that allows them. But you cant do it without jailbreaking the phone

thats not gonna stop exploiters

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No??? He bypassed byfron by using CPU Sandboxing, effectively making detection almost impossible. Don’t compare him to developers who use cheap solutions because they neither have the knowledge nor patience to develop their bypass systems.

Similar posts have been made on the forum already. You should take a look at them.
But to still answer your question: No. It will never be gone. Trying to make exploits or executors extinct is the same as trying to defy the rules of nature. You can’t.
Anyone who says they will make exploits or hacking gone or extinct is either trying to appeal to a broad audience/players to make them think they’re keeping them safe or something, or lying.

Always try to design your games with exploiting in mind. Put server-sided anti-cheats and some logic-checks in place to make sure exploiters won’t be able to ruin your game for most of the players.

you can even exploit on Apple Devices, including i(Pad)OS, where you “can’t sideload” (you actually can)

There’s no such thing as perfection in terms of software security. It can only be improved, yet it will always be susceptible to possible exploitation.