Are External Sales Allowed?

According to this video, Pet Simulator X sold stuffed animals that came with a code for in-game content in Pet Simulator X. This code would award you a virtual version of that stuffed animal with perks (I believe the pet’s stats became equal to your best pet x2 or something).

Is this allowed? I’m not sure if anything has changed since I’ve last checked, but I swear external/offsite sales were originally against the TOS. Is it different now, or at least exceptions to this?

(Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum, this one seemed the most relevant for this topic.)

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I’m pretty sure that while external sales are against TOS, this probably does not count, i mean, it’s a plush toy with a series of “unrelated” numbers, you arenot directly buying an advantage in the game…
I wonder how that code things works though, scripting wise.

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I noticed this as well. I really though it was against tos. Its the same as making a game and then putting all the game passes on a different website so you’ll get the maximum amount of profit instead of Roblox low rates. I think Roblox is making a lot off pet simulator sales right now and either will ignore the fact they are external selling or wait until the game dies down then will bring the issue up.


All they’d need to do is generate a list of codes unique per stuffed animal and have it only usable once per code.

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this has to be allowed to an extent. if we just take the recent nerf event as an example, people who bought the nerf guns IRL would then receive codes for in game items. games like MM2, Adopt Me! and Phantom Forces were some of the games featured.

and before this nerf event, i’ve seen MM2 sell shirts with codes attached. the codes could then be redeemed for a limited item (creating the eternal knife series)

The Nerf related things are sponsorships though. They paid Roblox for the advertisements and Roblox did an event to award users who participate. Perhaps MM2 and Pet Sim X are in the same boat of being popular enough to bypass certain rules? I just don’t see why it would be allowed if it essentially allowed you to bypass Roblox’s cut.

In short, this is more or less what’s happening. I’ll admit it’s one of the most grey and vague areas of the rules that I’ve ever seen after a good few minutes looking through the terms of use and community rules (the only other thing I’ve found directly mentioning in game codes is “don’t promise limiteds/robux/etc”), but I’ve found something it falls under on the community rules:

Do not create promotions offering prizes of any sort
It is okay to offer players promo codes for in-game items only so long as they are not in exchange for something (e.g., in exchange for a thumb up on your game).

I’d assume this would also includes offsite purchases (eg giving codes in exchange for buying merch) since Roblox doesn’t like offsite interactions for an assortment of reasons, especially ones involving monetary interactions - Note: some of the most popular games have an explicitly set and presumably allowed amazon link in the social links of their game pages, so I’d assume those ones are the exceptions to the rule, but anything outside of that would presumably be against the rules

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That’s what I thought. I think Roblox would either update their TOS or be more consistent with their moderation.


I don’t think it’s against ToS because they aren’t selling it on roblox. I’m probably wrong though.

Even Jailbreak sells merch. At this point, I believe Roblox should allow this since it is a platform for games. YouTube is also a platform, and it allows merchandise so it would make sense for Roblox to allow it too.

Piggy also has dlc codes with it’s merchandise. If a game becomes iconic enough to be profitable through Merchandise they should just allow it.

That shouldn’t be a condition though. It should either be allowed or not. This ruling needs to be clear and concise. Rules shouldn’t be left up to debate or the digression of some random mod.

But the issue is they’re selling something for Roblox. Specifically codes that provide in-game content.

As nice as that would be, it’s ultimately up to Roblox. It does seem that Roblox has been opening up over the years to new things like this. Originally, you couldn’t even hire people with anything other than R$. So there’s a possibility for that. But more importantly, I just want the TOS to be clear on everything. Gray areas are unacceptable. It isn’t just for this topic, but also in relation to other rules on what’s allowed. There are plenty of examples where Roblox has allowed things in one game but not another. This is not okay. Roblox moderation needs a reform.

they could have a huge list of saved codes and when someone buys something they just put one of those codes on the product