Are Fortnite Dances Copy Righted?


I see a lot of games on Roblox that have Fortnite Dances and it has me wondering if they could get sued for doing that.


I know there’s several dancers/creators of the dances suing Fortnite. Dance is a form of artwork, and can be protected.

Sorry I didn’t exactly answer your question but could be useful information.


Don’t worry about it, this is very useful information. :grinning:

The lawyer then concludes that he thinks that the defendants have the better argument and that Epic might win the court case based on the fact that the dances used in Fortnite are social dances, rather than long choreographed works of art. This case could go either way, though, as both parties have very good arguments to make and because a case like this has never been seen before. It will be interesting to see how this emote lawsuit will pan out, and whether Epic will win as LegalEagle predicts.

Social Dances aren’t protected

Link to the Article

Oh no, They are gonna need a lawyer.


this is a question there’s really no 100% answer for


Speak with a legal professional.


You’re probably fine to use it. If there is an issue, you’d get a DMCA takedown request, and you’ll just have to remove it.

I’d keep an eye on the legal case and make a more informed decision when it has an outcome, but until then you should be ok.

Granted I’d still make unique animations anyways just because it’s a cop-out when using existing ones (and just more unique/creative/etc to make your own?).


I agree with making Original content.

I don’t Animate so I would have to hire someone to do it.


The developer forums are not for legal advice and as such are almost guaranteed to give wrong and incomplete answers–speak with a legal professional.


Considering Fortnite has copied/stolen dozens of dances… I wouldn’t even say you’re copying them. You’d be technically copying the original content creator, in which Fortnite then stole to profit from… and now are getting sued for.


Personally I would wait for the outcome of this case - if it’s ruled in epic’s favour chances are there is no copyright at all. As always though, it’s best to speak with a legal professional if you’re planning on doing this on any large scale


Carrying on from SteadyOn, just check terms and conditions for Epic Games as well as the intellectual property which should be inside of it


And review that with a legal professional.


The dances are so cringy that they shouldn’t be allowed on the basis of social norms. Is that too harsh? Probably.

My nephews won’t stop doing all of those dances.


There’s a lot of videos on YouTube showing where the Fortnite dances are specifically referenced from, so I do not think they have a copyright on them.

You can find one of the videos here:


Lastest Update on the situation


It should be fine, the owners of the dance wouldn’t pick on one developer in Roblox. But as you said, “a lot of games on Roblox” are doing this which could cause them to tell Roblox to shut it down. But unlikely. Hopefully, I didn’t say what everyone else is saying.

a lot of games on Roblox



I highly doubt dance moves from Fortnite are necessarily copyright. I can suggest going through the Fortnite Terms Of Service, just to check.

Also, Developer Forum is not a place to discuss legal issues outside of ROBLOX. So be sure to find more research before coming here.


First of all, I am not completely sure that a dance is something that can be copyrighted.

But the main reason I’d think it’s okay to do it in Roblox is because it is highly doubtful you’d get it exactly like Fortnite due to the complications and how different a roblox character is compared to a fortnite.


It can be copyrighted but it’s complicated.

Yeah I doubt anyone would get into trouble for Using Fortnite dances


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