Are FPS unlockers agains the TOS?

I’ve allways thought using FPS unlockers on roblox is not alloud and against the TOS, i’m not sure yet, so i want to ask, any thing would be nice :slight_smile:

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They’re not against the Roblox Terms of Service and there’s apparently support coming in the future for higher refresh rates.

See this video:


Yes, they are perfectly allowable, as was mentioned at RDC. The reason some got temporarily banned, was because the semi recent ban wave accidentally mistaked FPS unlockers for exploits.

There are already some threads concerning this by the way:

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Allright, thanks! Just thought because soe FPS unlockers are inject files.

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What are FPS unlockers?
IDK what’s this

They boost your FPS for better gameplay i believe.

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They modify the roblox client so that you can increase your Frames Per Second cap above 60. This allows for smoother gameplay in fast paced games that require precision.

Normally, your FPS cannot go above 60. Some people choose to remove the cap. This results in a higher maximum FPS, such as 120, but it’s less stable and can bounce around jarringly.


Thats what i meant! Thanks for rephraing :slight_smile:

The most popular FPS unlocker for Roblox does not modify anything that is protected by Roblox’s memcheck and other security measures, such as the Roblox Luau VM, etc.

It does not inject any files, such as any DLL files, but instead just modifies program memory.

Therefore, you’re safe to use this as you won’t be banned by Roblox and in my previous reply, Roblox made a personal promise to not ban anyone for it.