Are free for all drawing games like this allowed?

I know there are tons of other posts just like this, but i havent found any post where the game is anywhere close to this, as this replicates between servers and saves. I just want to be certain about whether this is allowed or not.

So i have made a game where you basically have a massive platform and anyone can draw on it, and everything is shared between servers and saved when no servers are left.

And i opened it for a while and sent it on a dc server, instantly it got bombarded by nsfw stuff.

Will i as the owner of the game get punished for that? Even if i put a warning when joining and have a votekicking system.

You should be fine as long as you moderate it properly.


Make a discord bot report system, when you join the server you should be able to ban the person and have a clear drawing admin thing, and hire more mods so ur game is fun for everyone. Be cautious though… I have seen ppl banned because there were ppl who mass reported the game for inappropriate content and got his game suspended for something completely out of his control. Good luck! Have a good day :slight_smile:

There is already votekick, and a clear drawing thing wouldnt really work since i have no idea who drew what.

So just delete the drawing, maybe create an owner eraser tool and erase the inappropriate content, whenever the discord bot thing gets a message from the serve Lr saying there is nsfw. To fully make ur game safe is to give this eraser tool to trustworthy people you knows mods Meaning a more enjoyable game

Just so you know, anyone can erase stuff.

I think you can make a gametag/Billboard GUI which you can display who made what. also try getting a detected shape. I joined your game and I see what you’re talking about (ww2 symbols) So try get some mods who can administrate whenever nsfw content arises.

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I dont think its feasable to try to save the owner of each pixel, because then id very quickly hit the datastore limits (what i use to send data between servers and to save)

And i cant split it up into chunks beacuse then id hit the datastore request limits.

I think you should just completely reset the board. If you cannot make a clear, etc. you have basically no choice.

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If i reset it the same stuff will instantly come back, and it would ruin the game a bit if reset it like once a day/week.

Just reset it for now, I guess.