Are gang related aspects allowed in games?

I’m currently developing an open-world city type game and I want to capture the aspects of a big city. I want to incorporate good, bad and okay areas within the city. A few games I noticed have mafia-related themes within their game (Mafia Gamepasses, Mafia Teams/Outfits) but I never saw a single game mention the word “gang” or have any gang related material besides the Mafia? So, my question is: Why are we allowed to protray the Mafia which is a gang but we aren’t allowed to protray other gangs such as Bloods or Crips?

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And, moving onto your actual question,

I guess there is a difference between them, such as the meaning behind these “gangs” which Roblox can’t allow for a young player to see. This game is also involved around “gangs”, but they did it in a way of where it won’t break any sort of Roblox TOS. I guess my point with this is, it all comes down to the meaning behind these gangs which will require a lot of research to ensure you’re not putting something awful in a Roblox game.

Let’s say I had an NPC that allowed you to join a “gang” when you prompt the dialog. Instead of having this NPC say “Hey, do you wanna join our gang?” could I have this NPC say “Hey, do you wanna join our clan?” or “Hey, do you wanna join our group?” I don’t want to do anything that might risk me getting a warning or a possible ban.

I mean, a clan and a group are 2 different things. If your main goal is to say “Do you want to join my gang”, but you end up doing “Do you want to join my clan”, it won’t be the same thing. However, I don’t believe Roblox will ban you for having that type of dialog in your game. I could be incorrect, but I don’t believe so.


Just to answer your original question, this is text that I have copied from the Roblox Terms and Conditions. (I have removed the other bullet points that do not apply to your original question.)

(It is found in section number 11 in the Roblox Terms and Conditions.)

Dangerous, unethical and illegal activities. Not only do we not allow these activities, we do not allow anyone discussing them or encouraging others to discuss (or take) such actions, including:

  • Terrorism, Nazism or Neo Nazism, organized criminal activity, gangs and gang violence;

Mafia is not allowed in roblox at all, it is counted as organized criminal activity under the section number 11. It would make no sense to not allow gangs but allow mafia.
If you see any game/gamepass involving mafia then consider reporting it.

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