Are group payouts eligible for DevEx (Please read first before saying yes)

I’m a scripter for example, if I script for someone and he pays me robux through group payouts is it eligible for DevEx? Or not? Let’s say the guy got robux by actually buying them and then he sent them to me, or is it possible in any way as long as its a group payout? Someone can let me know please? Does it matter where the guy got the robux to pay me in the group?

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Okay but what is the answer???

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Earned Robux & DevEx Rates

  1. Do group funds count as earned Robux?

Group payouts are considered earned if the group funds are composed of bona fide sales of virtual items/clothing. Please note, we check all sales and group funds for validity. If you receive group funds from a group that earned the Robux fraudulently or against Roblox TOS, then those will not count towards your earned Robux balance.

  1. How do I determine if the group I am working with is earning funds legitimately?

There isn’t one particular thing you can look at to ensure you are collaborating with a party that is earning funds legitimately. To reduce your risk, please consider the following:

• The length of time that you have associated with the group/group owner
• Play their games, see what they have published in the past
• Research the group owner and games associated with the group. (Group name, ranks, games, logo, description, etc).

  1. I sold all my limited hats. Can I cash out the funds I received from selling limited items?

No. Robux acquired from trading/selling virtual items that you did not create are not considered earned.

tldr; robux earned from group payouts or paid thru gamepass / shirt is eligible for devex. You may be required to provide work you did for the group upon your first devex


I did that as a joke just to see your reaction XD.

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What if the group brought the robux instead of selling a limited for example, is that eligible? So to reduce the risk should I just make them buy my items, like a shirt/gamepass. That way it’s 100% going to be eligible for cashing out?

I don’t think anyone can answer that except someone who knows they got paid that way in the past, in my opinion you should be good

Well I guess that’s true, but if your payer brought robux themselves and then sent the robux to you is that eligible?

You can’t buy robux directly into groups, only sales contribute to group funds. They would most likely send cash rather than overpay for converting cash into robux.

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Ah alright then… I guess that’s fine.