Are horror camping games allowed on Roblox?

The Roblox typical camping games is basically you and a group of people going somewhere for a trip or vacation and then a drama plot ocurrs and a monster/murder kills you.

So 99% of the camping games contain Gore, killings, shootings and weapons.
Also all of the Camping games are based from other games for example hotel or camping 1 etc.

Examples of gameplay that could be disturbing:
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As Roblox is intended for all audiences, that makes me wonder if camping games are allowed?


They are 100% allowed on Roblox
(At least I’m not aware of any rule which prohibits that)

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I mean yes… They are allowed. but im questioning it because it makes less sense everytime you think about it.

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Most of horror games are allow because they are not really horror :b

I mean horror games on Roblox are don’t have extreme blood or something like that.

Do you seriously think that a game that have image wasn’t checked by a single Staff ?
It wasn’t taken down, so here’s your answer : Appropriate.

Violence in the game is not detailed, nor brutal, even if they pull off a cinematic/dramatic way of dying from a weapon, it’s not a issue, probably 30% of the frontpage is games about “Surviving” and “Killing” something, so it’s the usual drill.


I mean, It’s poorly made in term of gore content and pretty much a child’s horror story dream which somehow make it turn into one of those normal horror game that child would play

It’s obviously allowed if the game hasn’t been taken down yet. There are games like


You should’ve been able to answer this question on your own. If there is bloody and gory camping games with over million upon millions of visits, I’m almost 99% sure it’s okay.