Are jumpscares allowed on games that aren't horror?

Stupid question, but I’m adding a jumpscare as an easter egg for my game, and i want to know if this is allowed as the game i’m creating is NOT a horror game and i don’t want to get banned.

Uh, I’m not really sure about that but I already saw a lot of games that weren’t classified as horror games and with jumpscares in easter eggs.

I’m not sure why it would be against the rules?
Although if it has like blood or something I’d recommend updating the age guidelines via taking the questionnaire again.

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You can put some sort of disclaimer like “WARNING: BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING” or something like that. I wouldn’t say it’s against the rules because nobody uses the genre thing anyway (unless they have RoPro)

Roblox moderation is kinda weird, you never know

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that’s actually a pretty good description of the game i’ll add that

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