Are medications against the ToS?

I’m making a medical based game and was wondering if adding medications to it would put my account at risk of a warning, or worse, a termination. The game is supposed to simulate real life and is meant to be played by medical students. I would like to add actual medicine bottles that look similar to the real life versions. I’d also like to have their names on the bottles.

What medications would be added?
The game is primarily about critical care patients, so medications such as adenosine, epinephrine, vasopressin, etc. would be added.

I’m asking because I know Roblox is now allowing certain things it didn’t allow before. You are now able to create games with alcohol, which is something that would have never been allowed prior.

Mm, I don’t think this is allowed. I remember I came across a post asking why they got banned for uploading a survival kit, and turns out they got banned because of the “healing medication” included in the kit.

Guess Roblox is more strict on the depiction of drugs.

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As far as I am aware, syringes and pills are not okay, I’ve seen many games use vials instead. Not sure how it is with the 17+ games, but that limits your audience, makes it non existent actually.

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