Are Microtransactions Worth it?

I’m currently in the works of a game (which I plan to put for Paid Access) and am thinking about how to increase monetization.
So, I have some questions.

Are microtransactions worth it, or will they draw away players?

  • Microtransactions ARE worth it.
  • Microtransactions are NOT worth it.
  • Other (Please explain)

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As I would prefer to include a currency system for my game, but I don’t know if it’s even worth it, as if I include a currency system without purchases, it might be an annoyance for players, but if I do include purchases, could I be classified as a greedy cash grab?


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I would say it is worth it and not considered a cash grab unless your items are priced unreasonably. You should also create a way to earn it so that players do not need to buy it to get it. Only those who wish to speed to their process would buy your currency with robux


Well, it depends on how you design the micro transactions. I’ll give you two examples using Harrison, who’s mom bought him ten thousand robux, and Cory, who doesn’t have enough money for robux yet.

Example 1:

A new game called Planetary Fighters has been released. The developer is in need of cash to pay his developers, and so he makes a game pass for one thousand robux allowing you to get the railgun and the power armor. However, these items are extremely overpowered, and Harrison buys the game pass. At this point, Cory joins as well, but gets repeatedly slaughtered by Harrison. The other players who can’t/don’t want to pay leave the game in anger. This is a common mistake in game development, and this type of micro transaction infuriates players

Example 2:

All new Computer Simulator has released, a game where you buy better computers and become the master computer builder. In this game, there is more pet inventory space. However, the pets have massive differences in wealth, meaning you are better off selling the pets than keeping them. When Harrison joins the game, he does not buy the game pass, thinking it is just not worth it. This is an example of a game that does not entice players to buy a micro transaction.

Example 3:

The new Fall Guys style game has released, Flop or Drop. With amazing gameplay, it makes it to the front page elf Roblox. However, players can pay for it’s season pass. This gives cosmetics meant to look so cool, and it allows your player to get in-game cash for the store. Harrison enjoys the game, and he decides to purchase the season pass. He ends up achieving all possible items, and has limited time items to show his friends. Cory also plays the game as well, and even though he can’t afford the season pass, he enjoys playing the game.

The third example is the on you want to follow. You don’t want to force players into buying something, but you don’t want to make something obsolete either.

Hope this helped!


Yes, I believe it’s fine to use. Microtransactions are not a cash grab as long as you don’t over use it.