Are more scripts better or worse? When is this different?

Should I try to have the least amount of scripts possible in my game i.e. I should not have a tool that has a remote event in it and a server script that handles it, that instead should be in ServerScriptService.

Context: I’m making a combat system you’d see in a anime bandit beater (i.e. Grand Piece Online) and I’m trying to figure out the best way to model this system. It consists of generally two parts, the basic combat and the abilities. The basic combat can be handled entirely by the server with a tool.Activated but the abilities on the other hand need to talk to the server to go off and also track an ability cooldown. So I need a module script to generically handle M1s given different details such as specific item animations and what not, and a module script to handle abilities… right? I don’t know I’m just trying to wrap my head around this.

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Well, if its inside of a tool its totally fine.

Ive been working on a game that utilizes tools, and each tool has 1 server script, 1 local script, and 1 remote event. The game runs fine.

I prefer less scripts but having multiple scripts doing the same thing regardless of location can get a little finnicky. Efficiency is key!

It isn’t too bad until you have like 10 guns. At thst point it’s better to use one big script to handle guns instead of one small one.

Ehhhhh…… having multiple scripts doesnt matter at all unless they ALL are in the backpack

You may want to consider ModuleScripts

what if my game will have 52 combat items and i need a tool for each item. lol should i have tools in serverstorage and when the player gets the item, clone the tool and put in the backpack?

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Thats exactly how I would do it.

As far as I know, games like Item Asylum have scripts for every individual weapon.

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