Are multiple tweens laggy?

local faceLoop = {"Front","Back","Left","Right","Bottom","Top"}

local character = player.Character

for _,child in pairs(character:GetDescendants()) do
    if child:IsA("BasePart") and not(child.Name == "HumanoidRootPart") then

        for _,face in pairs(faceLoop) do
            local decal = coolDecal:Clone()
            decal.Face = face
            decal.Parent = child

            local tween = tweenService:Create(decal,,{Transparency = 0})

for each basepart in my model im cloning 6 decals and tweening each of them for a cool effect,
there are about 160 tweens going on at the same time… is that bad?

No, it’s not that laggy. I can have up to 1000 tweens going up at once on my low end laptop without any problems.

^that is what the microprofiler looks like…
i think its quite bad.