Are my GFX's good enough for sale? What price should I put it for?

So, I have been making gfx’s for a couple of years now, and I have some things to show.

Old gfx(1-2 years old)


I would say those GFX are good enough for the developer forum, and for the price, you don’t want to make it too expensive like 98% of all developers. I would put it around 1K robux, you would get lots of sales by that.


You need a bit more lighting. They are fine, I would keep making more to improve. You could sell them for maybe 750 robux.


Maybe lower it a bit more, after all reviews and trust is more important than a few robux at first, right?

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I would say to start at 400-500 Robux then start increasing your prices once you get more experience and your work gets better!


I won’t sugarcoat this or lie to you, you need to improve more before opening commissions. Focus on texturing and lighting, positioning characters and objects won’t hurt to improve either.


Yeah just like syn said you really need to improve on your overall composition. Watch some videos on lighting, color theory, and composition then practice on those. Another thing is that most of your examples don’t even showcase much of anything except a plain render.


Thank you all for your feedback, these gfx’s are a couple years olds, I just had nothing to do with them. I was just recently getting back to them, and I needed feedback to improve. I’ll def keep everything said above in mind for next time.