Are people in VIP Servers included in the player count?

Are players that are playing in VIP Servers included in the player count shown on the website?

Because i have like 63000 active VIP Servers and only 150 playing…?


I’m 99.9% sure that player’s in VIP servers are counted in the player count

And an active VIP server means that VIP server is currently opened by the player which they can use, it does not mean that there is anyone IN that server


Not sure because counting concurrent players is not always accurate.

However 2 of my friends and I were in a private server in my game (total 3 people in private server). The concurrent players said 20, and I counted the number of people in public server which was also 20. Since we were in private server the player count should have been at least 23 assuming no one else was in a private server. Not sure if it was a coincidence or inaccuracy in counting concurrent players.

Also ever since I made free private servers (3000 active), I did notice player count go down. Once again, could just be a coincidence.