Are physics animations possible in roblox?

hello all! i was just wondering how to make a physics animation or otherwise an animated character that is also influenced by physics. does anyone know how this could be done or if it is even possible in roblox? thanks!

@LilGingerBoy1235, I have never use IKControls but I think they might be able to be influenced by physics. You can try looking into it, here is the IKControl Documentation page: IKControl Documentation.

oh yeah the only problem about that tho is that im trying to do it with an r6 rig and i dont think ik controls work with r6

@LilGingerBoy1235, I heard that they do actually, it just takes a little bit more setup. As I mentioned, I have never used them, but there should be some tutorials about how to do it in r6. If you can’t find one I would be happy to try and learn them and make a tutorial.

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You can refer to this