R6 Inverse Kinematics

Hello! robert_stevey here. I wanted to contribute to the community by releasing this module I have been working on for a bit.

I introduce you to…

R6 Inverse Kinematics Module

This is a module that solves Inverse Kinematics problem on the limbs of an R6 rig. Now what differentiates this module from other Inverse Kinematics modules is that it simulates what a 2 joint solver on an R6 rig. Dont get it? Well here is a demo of it:

All of this is inspired by BlackShibe in his “Writing FPS Framework, Part 2”


You can get the source of the module here
R6IK.rbxm (4.1 KB)

Oh and if you are interested, here is a github for it which includes a documentation too

I hope this can help others.


Thank you so much for this. It works perfectly!


Where do I put it the module script?

Anywhere you would like!, though I recommend you to put it under ReplicatedStorage for shared access.