Are plugin 'settings' per player or the whole plugin?

Basically I want to know if plugin:SetSetting will save data just for one player or if it’s for the whole plugin.

For example, lets say the code plugin:SetSetting('ClickedButton', true) runs whenever a player clicks the plugin button in the toolbar. Player A clicks the button but player B does not. If I ran plugin:GetSetting('ClickedButton') on player B’s side, would it give true (plugin saves globally) or nil (no data - plugin saves locally)?

Also, if it does save locally, what would be the best way to save it globally? - If there is a way


Settings are local for each developer, not for the whole project.

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So the only work around would be using some 3rd party data store?

You could save “settings” as attributes in the workspace. Instead of plugin:GetSetting use ServerStorage:GetAttribute

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