Are Purchased Unity Assets Copyright?

Hey all!

I recently purchased a Unity GUI pack off the Unity Asset Store to create a scifi-like menu:

After some time, a few of the images have been denied by Roblox, all giving the HTTP 403 (Forbidden) error:

I even got a warning on my account recently for “uploading inappropriate content.” I’m just wondering if Roblox developers are allowed to use these assets even if they purchased them or if this is a frequent glitch/mistake. One of the 3 images forbidden was actually one I made custom shutdown_btn (STATIC)2, so I don’t know why something like that would be denied by Roblox. :thinking:

Here are the 3 images that were forbidden if you’re interested:
shutdown_btn (STATIC)2



It is not SINCE when you purchase it you now own the rights to using the assets in anyway you would like!

Do you know if this is a frequent glitch, or why I even got a warning on my account?

I don’t know why, I have gotten a warning for something like that for putting my thumbnail as Gurt The Pig. It is highly because of the moderation issues.

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It is just a glitch, you are totally fine.

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I hope this solves your issue, and I assure you it is a glitch in the system that has been broken for the past year, if you have anymore issues you can contact me or if you get banned contact roblox and they will look into it.

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