Are QR Codes against roblox?

So. I have this complex plugin and I want a way for the user to go to a dev forum page about the plugin. And the only thing that comes to mind are QR codes. Since there’s no way to open dev forum or web pages via roblox.

Are QR codes against roblox? Can I upload one as an image? If so, does roblox scan the qr code before making it public? Or does roblox straight up delete the asset?


I don’t think they are because I used to add a rick roll QR codes in my game out in the open and never got a warning/ban unless they changed that rule awhile back, but I would just check the TOS just to be safe.


Oh wow, this is actually a really good question. I’ve never considered this before, but now that you have mentioned it, I think QR codes can be very beneficial in games. I am curious for an answer too.

However, it’s probably not allowed considering the restrictions Roblox places on off-site services.

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I think so because the fear is that they might lead to inappropriate things, so they just don’t allow it at all.

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This could be used for very bad things, such as a cookie locker, or an inappropriate website, you may have to overview the roblox ToS

Okay this is a hard topic.

Moderation is very odd with QR codes but they don’t directly disallow them.
I’ve made a working QR code shirt in the past for a Youtube link and a few months later it got taken down for offsite links, although the only links that are allowed to be displayed on Roblox were, Roblox, Twitter, Youtube, FaceBook.

QR codes are allowed, as long as they’re moderated correctly, aka doesn’t bypass or contain links.

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Qr codes should follow the same rules as links. If you have text at the top of your game pointing people to another website, you are most likely breaking tos. I doubt you’d get moderated though unless a player reports it.

Linking to roblox is probably okay, although I’d assume roblox doesn’t want links in general.

No, they won’t allow you to upload QR codes as they cannot guarantee where the QR code directs you to. I’ve had a run in with a similar thing where a texture I uploaded was made to look like a bar code. The bar code did not have any data attached but just the possibility of it was enough for them to say no.

You’ll have to stick to the official Roblox websites along with the whitelisted websites.


Oof I was thinking about using one then I saw this topic.

yeah I scanned a roblox tshirt qr code and it redirected me to a not so child friendly site with not so child friendly videos. i think the person who uploaded that should get their account deleted tbh.


Look, Roblox don’t really like QR codes (since they could redirect you to a malicious content/website), but if you use it at the right way, used correctly. Just be careful with what you are using it for.

Meanwhile you can sure use it properly and correctly. :slight_smile:

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So uh, while not directly listed, QR codes can hold links to offsite websites, so therefore, a QR code that contains an offsite link would be breaking the TOS

To be on the safe side, avoid using QR codes.


Exactly. QR Codes should be used correctly. Because most of them could be to misleading or offensive/not appropriate for kids content. And it can certainly break ToS.

But you don’t need to avoid QR codes, just use them at the correct way.

I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t use them because Roblox moderators might think it’s a bad website/link… I wouldn’t want your game to get deleted because of a QR code decal!

I know you’ve already marked something as a solution but I’m still gonna provide my feedback. I would say no to QR codes, period. Honestly, it isn’t worth the risk of having your account moderated. Anything that could direct you to an external website from roblox is already borderline offending, but especially something where moderation couldn’t even tell where you’re being taken. The only real links/off site directions that are safe from moderation are the social links roblox allows you to add to your profile/group (Twitter, YouTube, etc.). Hope this helped!

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I have said this numerous times before but if you upload/intend to upload stuff that might be at risk of moderation just upload them on an alt account that way if it gets moderated it is unlikely to affect your main then. And iirc TOS never mentions anything on QR codes so I would say it is sort of in a grey area if you could call it that.

Ok, I would like to bump this again, I found something interesting.

So, I went searching for “QR-Code” inside the toolbox, and found this:

Which has this inside it:

Showing that roblox moderation might want to ban these type of stuff, and also just not allow anything they can’t confirm.

They already don’t allow assets that would be hard to moderate, like stuff like this. I don’t know how this got through.

Apparently, this website is “a ticketing system” which “doesn’t keep user info”, so maybe the person here only used it for checking how many people would test it, but I woudn’t try to go in that anyway.


I was randomly thinking about making a Text-to-QRCode converter as a module or something, but, because of this, I don’t think I should.


I tried uploading a QR code to pop-up in my game and redirect players to my roblox group (Best way to get people to join because they still haven’t added a join group button inside of roblox) and it got immediately declined.

I got banned for uploading a QR code once. It is still in my record and roblox won’t do anything about it. The decoded text in the QR code said “By Davide_24”


For peoples comming from search engine, DO NOT UPLOAD QR-CODES

I got warning by uploading a fake barcode that doesnt include any text.
I guess QR-Codes and Barcodes are not allowed for roblox, But its up to moderators.