Are Roblox game remakes okay?

My question is if creating a game on Roblox based off of a previous abandoned game also on Roblox is okay. I have been doing a remake on a game that already exists on Roblox and I put the official game link in my description. I’m simply curious if I will face any issues if my version becomes successful?

Take note that the old game is not playable, I have taken zero assets or code from the previous game, just ideas and names.

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I think its alright as long as like 80-90 percent of the game is remade…

Yes it should be just look at polyhex’s new game which is a remake of doomspire brickbattle and many remakes of sfoth.

Just because other remakes exist out there, doesn’t automatically mean that it’s okay. You should try not to use other people’s games as justification for your own cases.

In that capacity though: technically speaking, game remakes are normally not in the clear if you don’t have permission from the original creator. A fan remake is a remix of original work using someone else’s Intellectual Property (the game, concept, etc itself). I don’t think you’ll experience any major issues aside from potential confrontation from the original owner. Maybe they won’t even confront and instead praise your work: there have been instances where that occurred, despite the remake developers not actually obtaining any kind of permission.

Now I don’t encourage you to abandon morals or ethics when I say this, but if you ask me on a personal level disregarding rules around IP and all, I’d honestly just go ahead and do it. Someone who’s no longer active or playing Roblox just leaves their discontinued works as a free pass for me to make something in its likeness.

To sum: realistically, no remakes are not really okay, but feel free to make one anyway. You almost definitely will not face issues so long as

  • The original creators do not have an applied license to be followed wrt game content
  • The original creators do not pursue any action against you explicitly
  • Moderation does not deem it a case of theft or otherwise infraction of standing UGC/IP guidelines
  • You aren’t stealing any assets directly from the original game and you make everything from the ground up, be it independently or with a team

Thank you for your response! I have no malicious intent such as stealing a community (the game is far too old to have one) or me being lazy and stealing ideas. I simply enjoyed the game when it worked and would like others to as well. Of course, I will have new content and purchasable things