Are round-based games still worth creating?

It’s not that big of a deal, games like Assassin rely on AFK and players are still able to enjoy the next round. I respect your input, but in my opinion you are over complicating things a bit too much.

Assassin has quick rounds, which is exactly what I said when I mentioned that it depends on how long rounds are.

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I don’t know if I like this conclusion. I think the conclusion should rather be that:

  • If your concept is new and unique, then you can achieve popularity even with a mediocre implementation that’s pretty rough around the edges.

  • If your concept has been done a lot before, then you had better have the smoothest goddamn implementation anyone has ever seen, with a ridiculous amount of polish.


Yeah I completely agree. Though unfortunately with the younger audience in particular not caring a whole lot about implementation and polish, even concepts that are ridiculously overused will probably at least get some attention with the younger audience regardless of the amount of (or lacking of) polish. It only seems to be in older players that polish correlates with popularity.

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It depends what kind of polish you’re talking about. Do they care about the GUI or the art assets looking perfectly clean / crisp? You’re right, they don’t. But there’s a lot of other ways that you can polish something that they do care about.

You can remove sharp edges in commonly traversed parts of your levels so that people don’t get “stuck” on corners as they’re trying to move around. You can make the buttons in your GUI appropriately sized so that they’re not too overpowering but still big enough that they’re easy to press on touchscreen without missing them sometimes. You can clean up the timing on all of your transitions so that people are never waiting too long but never blindsided / have some time to breath. Other stuff like that absolutely does matter as far as how “nice to play” your game will feel even to the less discerning younger users.

I suppose in that sense of polish, it would matter to the majority of players, regardless of age. In any case, I think the general conclusion is that a game is worth creating if effort has been put into it, otherwise the game likely won’t be attractive to a vast majority of players.