Are round-based games still worth creating?

I’m making a round-based game with unique rounds, weapons and environments. But, is it worth my trouble?

There are many round-based games on Roblox (MM2, EM, etc…), so should I bother?


Tbh make a game show like are you smarter than a 5th grader

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I think a general rule with games is, if you can create a unique concept that hasn’t been done for, absolutely go for it. If your concept has been done a million times before, then it probably won’t garner much attention.


or just make a tycoon


Yeah Roblox Tycoons™ override any and all game theories. Make a basic, step on a button tycoon and you instantly get 1mil visits :man_shrugging:


That’s what I call, the easy way.


Like other people are saying, it’s not so much the type of game that may be an issue, but the gameplay. We have so many Murder games that people just choose to play the one that they like the most. If you’re making an original concept it won’t have so much ‘competition’, per se.


My only problem with rounds is thaf the internission is always too long. Theres also usually never anything interesting to do when waiting.

It especially sucks if the game causes you to die early in some way…

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Round based games are still massively popular and are regular featured. Also really easy to make. I’m making one right now.

A fantastic round based game is Framed. It has its fair share of issues, but it’s my favourite game on Roblox and is the only Roblox game I play consistently.


Honestly the best tycoons around the free modeled ones I love playing the same tycoon in 2 different games with different titles

I’ve thought about this problem, and I hope I’ve resolved it. Intermission is only 15 seconds long and the lobby has lots to explore etc.

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Tycoons are successful because they’re really good at keeping players in the game. Same with obbies. Skinner boxes are real.

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Make sure to give players enough time to use the bathroom after a round though. A good idea is to have a long time, but let players unanimously vote to skip.

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Or, I could easily add an AFK button.

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Both work but the AFK button forces the guy to skip a round. It really depends on how long your rounds are to if you miss a round how much time you’re going to spend waiting because you had to go to the bathroom. Easy way to lose players.

But why should others have to go though the pain and suffering of waiting for intermission if a few people decide not to vote.

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Nobody suffers waiting through a lobby. Just open up another window and wait.

Players could get bored still, causing them to leave.

Personally, I would go with the option to go AFK, and thus missing rounds until disabled. It’s fair for other players, and it’s fair for the person going AFK since they don’t miss any action. Along with this, it might be an idea to automatically make someone AFK if they haven’t interacted for a while, since people could exploit the rounds by not doing anything, on the off chance they survive/win/etc. (obviously would depend on the game).


And players who leave to go to the bathroom just to see they have to wait for an entire round are also going to be bored and leave, but on a much more sour note than being bored by waiting for the lobby.