Are simple questions allowed in the DevForum?

So I’m new to the Roblox Dev Forum, and I have some problems in Roblox Studio, but they are most likely things that are very simple to solve since I’ve started a few months or weeks ago. I have heard that these kinds of things are not allowed, but at the same time, I’m hoping that they are allowed.



It depends. If the question is simple but is meaningful, yeah of course it is allowed on the forum. However, if that simple question is already answered, it will get flagged because there is already many topics on it.

But if the simple question is just really strange and unmeaningful, it will probably get taken down

tldr; need to have a simple and meaningful question

So any question is allowed as long as it’s not already posted or the DevForum? By the way, when I said “simple” I meant questions like “My animation script doesn’t work.”

First of all, yes that is okay. Any question on the topic name is allowed, I thought you meant the op, not the topic name. Some things to mention though. You need to have passed the 30 char limit, which if you haven’t it will get flagged for being way too short for a topic. btw, you don’t need a essay on your issue/question, a single 30 char+ sentence would do as your question.

Edit: People do not want to read 2 paragraphs of you explaining what is your issue.

Okay, thank you for telling me!