Are surfaceguis good/performant for textures?

this is my first post btw, so correct me if i did anything wrong

i’m currently making a game with textures that are pixel/retro style

the problem is, when i put a texture on a part, the texture blurs which ruins the look i want. i don’t want it to blur, i want it to stay pixelated as i resize it to fit the part

i found a solution however, i would add a surfacegui, an imagelabel in it and change the resampling mode to pixelated. the surfaceguis also give me more controls compared to normal textures.

BUT now i’m worrying about the surfaceguis being laggy for players with a lower-end device.

i’m not entirely sure whether the surface guis will cause more lag than textures and is there another solution instead of surfaceguis, but i just want to make sure.

so, my question is, are surfaceguis laggier compared to textures?

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The texture is very low quality so it shouldn’t affect the performance a lot, The textures decrease the performance more then the trick your using. So no, you should keep the surface gui, it looks better and less laggy

SurfaceGUIs are laggier. 500 surface guis in one area can destroy performance. I tried this same thing in a previous block game I made. Though if you dont use too many, (like 25/50) you should be fine.

I ended up upscaling the textures.

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Yeah its seriously irksome that roblox wont add pixelated resampling to Textures, its so dumb how we have to take a 16 pixel texture and upscale it to 1024 just for it to look decent and still it kind of sucks.
I don’t know why they only gave imagelabels that option, why not go the further steps and give it to textures?