Are there any building plugins objectively better than Roblox's default, and why?

I am trying to optimize building as much as possible and I am starting to consider other methods of building w/o using the studio build tool. I know about f3x, but I have heard of backdoors with exploiters although I think that only applies to f3x’s physical tools.

My question is, are there any alternatives to the default, and are there very good reasons why? For example, can you build faster with said tool, can you resize/position/color a brick faster than with the default tools, etc? List as many as you want, as I am eager to test out new building plugins.


Yes, very useful tools that I use: Stravants Model Reflect, MaterialFlip, GapFill, and ResizeAlign are all super useful. Also Archimedes Two is great by Scriptos

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I use F3X, and it has no backdoors. Here’s some plugins I use
GapFill (by stravant)
3D Text Maker (KinqAndi)
Model Resize
Those are the ones I use. I don’t really use any other building plugins.


Studio Builder Suite - This plugin has a lot of features combined including resizing all objects on their own axis, setting your own axis on an object, rotating on first selected/selected axis and much more.

About Model Resize, can’t you already resize a model but holding down shift and then using the studio scale tool? Or is it more precise? I will look into this, thank you

Yeah, imo, its better. And previously, you couldn’t resize plugins.

I really like the Brush tool 2.1, which helps with landscaping big maps.

I would prefer using Roblox building Tools. Using other plugins for building is never a great idea, as you try come to original ROBLOX, and you don’t know what to do at all. I would suggest using ROBLOX’s building system. Of course, it is up to you though.

I would consider looking at this post. It has a lot of plugins suggested by many people.

Model Resize is extremely useful in my opinion because it also lets you scale down models that you normally couldn’t resize

While other people talking about F3X plugin, I’m using the Studio Build Suite (SBS) plugin.
It’s more helpful and less button than F3X in my opinion.
It’s features are:


  1. Move along the global axis
  2. Move along the part’s axis
  3. Move along the first picked part’s axis


  1. Resize each part using their axis
  2. Resize both sides of the part
  3. Resize all the parts with the global axis


  1. Rotate a part with a midpoint on the other part
  2. Rotate the midpoint of a selected part
  3. Rotate individual part

Convert a part into another different kind of part like a wedge, a cylinder, etc.

You can scale a part without using the resize tool

Select Edge
Rotate a part with a midpoint on an edge of another part

You’ll understand if you install the plugin. Make sure to install the right one!


I completely disagree. Using plugins is never a bad idea. It’s purpose is to help and make developing more convenient for some builders. Most if not all good builders use plugins in their builds. I for one find sbs, archimedes, and other plugins very helpful.


F3X is very convenient for me in building, it’s probably because I started building using it as a recommendation from a friend. I sometimes use SBS too. All that really matters are your preferences.

Build v4 is good although some of the features are glitchy, also archimedes is amazing.