Are there any methods to get most recent account ID?

I’ve been working on a new map for my game and I want to include a display that shows the most recent Roblox user (including their username, ID, and picture. However, the id is the most integral piece.).

I’ve searched around on the internet for a guide on how to do this. However, I’ve come up empty handed.

I’ve seen this feature in a handful of games, so to my knowledge it IS possible.

All feedback is appreciated!

I also forgot to mention, I’d like for the account display to continually update in real time.

Most recent Roblox user as in the player that most recently joined, or?

Create a new datastore

When a player joins override the key of the datastore

Then a script will constantly read that value every 30 seconds or so and update the display.

The newest account created on Roblox itself.

I don’t know if that’s possible…
You’d probably have
to use a bunch of Roblox APIs to get that data.

You’d need to get the amount of players on Roblox and get player information about the user with the newest user ID (that being the amount of users on Roblox, because Roblox adds 1 ti the ID every time someone makes an account).

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Hey there,

Sorry that this information might not be accurate; it is an outdated method.

I am pretty sure you can get the age of a players account using Player.AccountAge


Hope you found this of use :slight_smile:

I don’t think OP was referring to AccountAge; they want the most recently created account on the site

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yeah that’s what i’ve been theorizing. i’m just unsure as to how to go about it is all. it’s certainly above my level of roblox scripting knowledge lol

i’m just gonna bump this because i also really want to know.

Games like New User Machine have achieved this and I also want to know how.