Are these CTRs good? Should I keep using them?

I made some ads for a group, and I want to know if these ads are doing a good job.

I got the image from Google because I can’t make GFX.

Ad 1

CTR: 0.38
Impressions: 12,541
Clicks: 48

Bid: 124 :robux_light:

Ad 2

CTR: 0.46
Impressions: 2624
Clicks: 12

Bid: 26 :robux_light:

Got a total of 6 group member from these ads. (Lasted 1 day)

If you can, please answer these questions:

  1. Should I keep using these ads?
  2. Is the CTR good enough?
  3. Should they be improved?
Opinions on ads (Please say why)
  • They are very good and efficient.
  • They are good.
  • Middle.
  • They are not very good.
  • You should stop using them.

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You’re not allowed to use it unless it’s clearly certified to be 100% free and public.
0.3% is good enough for a stolen ad on a cheap group. After all, the best you can get is 2%. At least isn’t 0.001% as some say.


Not going to lie, those ads are super old. I wouldn’t use them for your group. Plus they are kind of clickbaity.

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First, the ad have nothing to do with a dumb pizza army.
Plus, the group doesn’t even have an icon, or any finished games, or even a description. What?
Pure click bait.

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Pretty sure you shouldn’t be using this ad, since you didn’t actually make it yourself and are just profiting off someone else’s ad (that they probably didn’t want others to use).

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Alright, I am gonna stop using them