Are these gfx? I hope so

I made these with studio and krita.

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I’m utterly confused on what you’re on about.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider it GFX. I recommend using Blender for GFX. There are many good tutorials on YouTube.

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Those are considered Studio Renders

These are considered graphics! Everything digital online are graphics.

Its a great start, you should really work on maybe using blender and photoshop as a way to make GFX! GFX are just Advanced graphics for people who are well experienced in making them.

Consider looking online for some tutorials!

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GFX is a render, logo is rendered text, and studio art is studio parts imported into an art application. Not everything is a GFX.

Firstly, that is completely inaccurate, a GFX can be 2d or 3d.

Technically that is a GFX?

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Roblox GFX are basically beautiful, realistic images of Roblox avatars, (source: Google)

The images above just represent an advertisement of some sort, everything isn’t a GFX.

Any form of graphic art is GFX to me, so yeah.

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Incorrect. 2d art is called art. GFX is 3d. Don’t be living under a rock.

Fair point, but his renders have been exported from Roblox Studio into a 3rd party editing software, honestly, I don’t understand it. Are you living under a rock? :grinning:

I have been for like 1 year because of COVID. I am not under one right now

I just wanted to say, they look great! The bottom one especially gives me that meme vibe with the background. I think you should try adding more expression to the middle one, it looks very dull and the background looks like quite litellary the transparency background in images! I’d also try using higher resolution/anti-aliasing when getting screengrabs as it make it look a whole lot better unlike having chunky lines outlining your objects.

And yes! These are considered Graphical Effects (or GFX for short), believe it or not alot of things are graphical designs. This is not limited to strictly 3D media and can also exist in real world as (but not limited to) company logos. If you are not sure of the meaning, you can search for the most popular definition and don’t let other people mislead you!

it’s not even rendered, it’s a cutout screenshot

GFX just means Graphic (Effects), or just known as art (typically digital). Very few people outside of Roblox and fortnite use the word GFX anyway. 2D and 3D can both be called GFX, there is no gate keeping in it. Your art is still edited and added different elements, it might not be a render or of quality but it’s still a GFX.

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Yep, this is GFX.
It fits the definition of what GFX is.
The sus skin is my favorite but I do have a minor critique, the edges around the image are a little blocky, so, like @SolwraTV mentioned, try using higher resolution/anti-aliasing.

The middle one is ok, just a bit dull. I’d recommend instead of using the same textures as the new baseplate, do something like the third image, something bright and colourful.

The first one is also ok, but it needs quite a lot of improvement. I like the font you chose for the text, the edges around the alien are blocky, and maybe you could render a UFO?

That’s it for now, but good job! I’m excited to see your future work.


Sorry. I’m just using snip and sketch to take the pictures, then Krista to edit them. However, I should stick to making meshes instead of basically making them in paint.

However, I should stick to making meshes instead of basically making them in paint.

I agree, as the UFO looks… not right. (I’m trying to put it in the nicest way I can)

GFX isn’t even a term outside of the Roblox world.

GFX stands for Graphics and really has no meaning in the real world. It simply sounded cool and someone used it in one of their portfolios. People saw it and thought it sounded catchy, so more people started using it. Now we have you two arguing about what GFX really is.

Furthermore, the term “GFX” was created for professional renders inside of Blender, not for a Studio screenshot.

Seeing as the word really has no definition, I suppose anyone could use it for anything they want that has to do with graphics.