Are these GFX worthy of commissions?

I had created a new GFX today. Credits to the original owner for the inspirations. I have made a few logos in the past and I was wondering. The GFX I have made, is it good enough for a comission? Let me know please. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Adventure Story Logo was the first actual logo I made. End Times and MistyStudios logo are kinda of the same, with the spikes of course.


Add a background to them, and it would be something I would pay for.

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What background do you recommend I add? And btw these logos can be fore the purpose of game thumbnails aswell. If you wanna know why I keep them like that

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I would say just to add a background that goes with the text on it. For example, the Adventure Story GFX, mabey a plane would look cool in the back. Also, for the End Times GFX, you could do like abandoned buildings, or something like that.

Ok, I see what you mean. With future GFX, I will try to add a background. Thanks.

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