Are these good prices?

I want to make robux off of my games, so I made gamepasses/dev products and made a price for them. Here are the gamepasses: (edited to fit what @N_RS said)

  • 2x cash - 75 :robux:
  • 2x crystals - 125 :robux:
  • 2x xp - 125 :robux:
  • VIP - 200 :robux:
  • Auto Collect Cash - 150 :robux:

The prices are low because I am just starting to want to make robux, so I’m staying cheap for now. Here are the dev products:

Tier Robux Cash Extra Percentage Earned
1 10 750 0%
2 25 1970 5%
3 75 6190 10%
4 150 12940 15%
5 500 45000 20%
6 1000 97350 25%
7 2400 243000 35%
8 4000 450000 50%
3/22/20 - Added:
Tier Robux Crystals Extra Percentage Earned
1 10 45 0%
2 25 118 5%
3 75 371 10%
4 150 743 15%
5 500 2700 20%
6 1000 5625 25%
7 2400 14580 35%
8 4000 27000 50%
These prices are a bit higher. If the percents are too high, reply what would be better! NOTE: You earn a lot of cash by just 10 R$ because this is for a tycoon game.

Think you could do with raising the prices, but I guess it would depend on how many players you expect to get as well.

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My game doesn’t get many players, EVER. 0 concurrent players, without ads. With ads that I bid low, I get about 10 people to play I guess.

So I expect 2 people per week to go on my game

Alright, at that rate even with lower prices, you likely won’t be making much so I suggest trying to advertise your game through friends, discord servers, etc and recycle profit into ads until you have a larger and stable community.

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Ah, tycoons (with exceptions, including the very large ones where you have tens of hours of content and saving tycoons) seem like they wouldn’t have players come back after they play once. Sure, some will, but in a lot of cases once it’s beaten, the player is done.

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Might go for a rebirthing feature where you can rebirth and start over with a cash boost. Probably need to make the tycoon way bigger then…

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Maybe rebirth exclusives for example a chat tag or new purchasable items/decorations which you can only get via Rebirthing? It should increase engagement time, At least from my experiences. Also those prices are fair, But I also think you are undervaluing your skill and time put into the game keeping the prices so low.

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In a tycoon your main point of sale is going to be within the 0-3 min period of the play joining, so everything you are selling should be early game (although nothing wrong with a late game OP weapon). Cover the map with ‘Deals’ some actually being really good, with some ‘false-deals’ which players will not buy but it makes the actual deals more desirable.

Make sure your tycoon saves btw, this is necessary if you want players returning.


I have a new list for you if you want to use it
2x cash - 75
2x crystals- 125
2x xp - 125
VIP- 175-200
Auto Collect Cash - 150

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I decided I wouldn’t use weapons (why have weapons if it’s a chocolate factory). But the tycoon already saves.

I added new dev products. The last one (tier 8) has an extra percent of 50%, so that would be the best deal.

Yea, I think those prices are great, and its awesome that you added an extra amount depending on how much they purchase. I don’t like when gamepasses cost too much, and I dont get why games do that because most people just won’t buy them.

Perfect prices, your gonna get a lot of sales.


Most games that do this are simulators, you could always raise them maybe 50 and then later a big jump of like 100-200, but they seem really cheap, you’re going to get sales most likely!

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Thank you @Modeast and @Chrixstopher!