Are these medicine alternatives allowed on roblox?

So basically im making a horror survival game and i have been trying to work on allowed workarounds so my account wont get banned for something roblox clearly disallows, so i tried replacing anything too gory from my game and replaced it with something similar, but now im stuck on replacing medicine with some other stuff.

I was thinking, can painkillers be replaced with a shocking device? I remember Electrical stimulation is an alternative way of reducing pain because its blocking the pain signals on your body, but i wanted to know if that ends to the self-harm topic that roblox doesnt allow.

Adrenaline could be replaced with needle free syringes filled with a liquid that isnt a drug possibly? Maybe something like an energy drink that you shove in your bloodstream. I know its not healthy in real life, in fact i think its even lethal, but since this game already denies many laws of physics i dont think a lil bit of wrong biology related stuff would also bother.

Another alternative that i was thinking about was including a fictional plant which you could wrap around your arm like a bandage to give you some chemicles that are related to adrenaline? Idk havent putted a lot of thought to that either

Those are these 2 alternatives i came up with which i wanted to know if they were allowed on roblox, so i can start working on the models for these stuff. If you do not understand anything please let me know, because english is not my mother tongue

I suggest creating fictional plants or potions that don’t replicate the medicine but accomplish what you need in a different way.