Are these stats for game sponsoring good?

I sponsored my game for 100 robux for 2 days. These are the finished results. Please tell me if i did everything alright. If i didnt please tell me. Thanks!

(Im sorry if this is a wrong category)

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How did you get that many impressions from a 100 Robux ad?

You did great.

Not sure what @SubtotalAnt8185 means, 35k impressions isn’t too high for a 200 robux sponsorship (Sponsored Ads get a lot of impressions compared to User Ads).
Either way, impressions aren’t a good meassure on how good a sponsor is. The number of Impressions doesn’t really depend on your game or icon but the day you sponsor on and Roblox algorithms.

The best thing to check, in my opinion, is the CPP (Cost Per Click).
Your CPP is over 22 robux, which is really high (higher = worse in this case). You spent 22 robux for each visit; To get 1000 visits you would need to pay 22k Robux with these stats.

So in conclusion, you should try to optimize your icon, as well as audience. Compare the stats with different icons, and when running only for a certain age or platform.

Ok, Thanks. I do have a question. What age and platform is the best to choose? My game is an competitive obby (Time Trial obby) which means its more dedicated to PC players, but some of the players are on mobile. I think noone on console could be that good so i think i should do: PC, Phone,Tablet. And the age i would probably do 13-16 since Roblox players are mostly 13+.

For the gender i would ofcourse do any gender. For the duration i would try for 3 days, 200 robux each day (equals up to 600 robux total.) Please Tell me your thought about the icon of the game. These are the current stats of the game.

Sorry i forgot the stats haha😳

I’ve never sponsored a similar game, so I’m not sure what the best audience would be. This is something you’ll have to experiment with yourself to find the best one for your game specifically.
Try running small separate sponsors for each platform, as well as each age, and compare the stats.

You’ll of course want to skip the categories that you know don’t fit your game’s audience, such as Console.

What do you think about the icon? Its in the first image. And if you could spare 1 minute of your time, could you check out the game.[🌸SPRING] Obby Masters - Roblox

The icon isn’t really eye-catching (which is important for sponsors). It shows nothing new, and it’s not colorful. Colors can often attain attention.
It really just shows a few parts next to eachother, nothing too interesting.

My first impressions when joining the game:

  1. Nothing interesting, everything is gray.
  2. Not a lot of content. The few obbies you have are short, and the only thing in the shop is “VIP”.
  3. The UI is very basic.
  4. Respawning takes reeeally long which makes it pretty annoying considering this is a game where you’ll be respawning a lot.
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Back in the day when I sponsored about two years ago, I couldn’t reach that number with an okay icon for my game and a sponsor with 190 robux.

-Fixed respawning
-i know everything is gray but there are portals to other worlds
-i dont know what to add to shop since its a competitive game
-ill fix the UIs