Are these things allowed in my upcoming game?

If I include these things in my upcoming game, will it get moderated for breaking Roblox rules?

  • An splash screen animation, including the Roblox logo and slogan. It would say “Powered by Roblox - Powering Imagination”
  • An asset very similar to an asset used in several Mario games - an orange, transparent box with exclamation marks on their sides, called “Warp Box”.
  • A forum system, similar to Roblox legacy forums or the DevForum.
  • A ban screen VERY similar to the Roblox’s ban screen.

I don’t say that I will include them all in my games, these are some ideas of original game features. I am only asking on feedback on whether they’re allowed as per Roblox’s Terms of Service.

To clarify, the original Warp Box’s asset is this (got from the Mario Wiki)


None of the things listed break the ToS.

I don’t think…

That is the biggest issue in your list of things. The other things you listed are Roblox related and are most likely fine. However, Nitendo (the owner of Mario) tends to like to file claims against Roblox to get games that relate with their games taken down. You should probably change up the design a lot more, just make your own design and don’t inspire it off of the Mario boxes.

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It’s only an orange box with exclamation marks that is rarely used in Nintendo’s games. If I used Mario’s or Luigi’s assets, I wouldn’t ask. However this is only a very rare thing that is not a flagship character nor an iconic asset.

I’m sure everything except the Mario asset is fine. There’s a very good chance that the warp box isn’t allowed. Make up your own design of it, or do something different.

You need to change up a lot of the design either way or you will risk your game getting taken down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “small” asset from a Nitendo game, anything that looks like it was derived from a Nitendo game can be moderated. Nitendo along with Lego are 2 of the most picky companies out there when it comes to copyright in games like Roblox.

Yes, you need to make up your own design. Changing the color of the box won’t do it, you need to change up the design, maybe make it look more like a “crate” than a clear box, and maybe change the exclamation mark symbol to a logo of your game.

I wouldn’t, however really say that Lego is aggressive on Roblox when it comes to copyright like Nintendo.
There is a game literally called “Legoblock Adventure 4” that is like 5 years old and not compatible with FE. Also, it’s called Nintendo, not “Nitendo”.

How would this be implemented? Ingame or out of game?

I think the only thing you aren’t allowed is the super mario warp box because of copyright.

Horrific Housing uses a fake kick screen to troll the player.
The Great Yolktales had a powering imagination logo (then again it was an event).
A forum system would be allowed as long as you have it filtered and make it so users aren’t eligible to swear and say offensive things. RoCitizens has a texting feature.

I am not going to create a fake kick screen. I am instead gonna replicate the one that you get when your Roblox account gets banned, but change some things up so it doesn’t say “Roblox” but the name of the game.