Are these things allowed under new Roblox TOS

Roblox has recently updated its TOS and I’m wondering if these things are allowed:
Coinflip where 2 people bet in-game cash and the winner is decided randomly;
Blackjack (1 player vs an npc dealer, without chips, betting with in-game cash) (Arcane Lineage - Roblox This game has blackjack);

Note: in-game cash cannot be bought with Robux


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As it states that the exchanging of in-experience items of value isn’t allowed, as long as these in-game items aren’t purchasable with Robux, they therefore don’t have value, thus being allowed.


alright, then it’s mainly about painkillers


Since painkillers are a drug, they’re therefore not allowed then.


Just had this same question myself. From my understanding, if you make a blackjack/21s game where you’re just playing it per round, no chips are used whatsoever and you don’t get anything but satisfaction for winning, I can’t see how it is any different from other card games like go fish or whatever.

Cards in themselves are not inherently gambling related, nor is the blackjack game, obviously things like poker rely on chips/gambling so they should not be made.

As for coinflips where two people bet in-game cash, I think it’s unlikely that would be allowed anymore because it uses in-game currency (even if it can’t be bought) in a gambling sense. Saying that, just having a coin flip and having it maybe decide who goes first or whatever isn’t gambling related so would be allowed.

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