Are trade bots ageist the terms of serves?

Hey Devs,

I want to know are trade bots ageist the terms of serves? The resone why I’m asking is becouase I want to make one for my self to use to help me trade better on my alt account PurpIeShrek. Also are bots like olympian safe to?


but shedletsky uses them! so are they? I saw him say that on twitter.

The difference is that shedletsky is a roblox administrator, and is way high up in the ranks, meaning he can do whatever he wants.

The rule could potentially be interpreted to refer to trades that don’t involve Roblox’s trade system, like trading accounts and such.
I’m looking at the TOS myself and haven’t yet found anything that mentions 3rd party bots.

I think is ok as long as you don’t use it to scam people

so that means there ok as long as it’s on

I don’t know if I could point to a specific rule that confirms that it is illegal, but I have known multiple users that have gotten banned in the past for trade botting.

You can get banned if a roblox admin finds irregularity in your trading patterns. It is not likely for you to get banned for this, but sometimes administrators do ban users on extreme occasions for this despite there not being rules against it.

Here is this topic addressed by the creator of Olympian himself:

It’s just not worth the risk in my opinion. It is always more satisfying and rewarding to trade yourself anyway.

oh thats because they got poisend items from the bot

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oh its still unfair that they let shedletsky get away with breaking the tos

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Trade bots are not against the terms of service, they aren’t going to let anyone slide on the rules especially one that would be held at such a high esteem as a third party service handling trades.

Even if it were against the TOS, it is virtually untraceable so there would be no way to enforce these rules on a consistent basis. I do agree with @ExcessEnergy that there is no point in trading unless you are doing it yourself, kicks the entire concept out of the window when you think about it.