Are tycoons still relevant?

I see many discussions on the devforums regarding, “Are Simulators worth it?” , " Are obbies still worth it" etc etc. My question here is, would making a tycoon in 2020 be a good idea? I personally find some tycoons to still be very fun, including games such as retail tycoon. In conclusion, if you were to make a good quality original tycoon in 2020, could it wind up getting any traction?


Tycoons kinda died out it 2018, but there are always chances of getting a decently popular Tycoon aslong as it is enjoyable enough for people to want to stay in and continue to play it, if it is a boring and P2W tycoon chances are, some people won’t end up playing it, but yes there is always a chance of Tycoon games getting decently popular.


Personally I don’t like tycoons, but you can always try. People may not care for them anymore only because they have become boring. If you can find a unique way to make your own tycoon that will have people coming back, I would say go for it mate! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, yeah I have a unique idea for a tycoon game that I believe may help bring back relevancy among the genre. I think most tycoons nowadays are boring because it’s a cash grab, step on a button, and bam something appears, make more money, repeat the process. But I believe certain sandbox tycoons with more engaging concepts could definitely be fun. :smile:


Yes they’re still popular. Not as much as simulators or front page types anymore but tycoons still gain hundreds of players. If you have a unique idea and a drive then go for it


Tycoons have always been relevant. It has more potential now than ever before actually. There is no tycoon game that has really gained super popularity. Somebody needs to fill in that gap.


If your tycoon is like Restaraunt tycoon 2 and things like that they would be good, if It’s a run of the mill one then no.


I get what you mean, I’m genuinely wondering if a tycoon that is unique enough could skyrocket the tycoon genre into top relevancy, such as modern simulators.

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I think that people still enjoy tycoons, it just seems like nobody has really been making new tycoon game, so I think a new tycoon game would be great and I think people would like it


I think tycoons aren’t that relevant any more. It once was a big trend, but it has lost interest.


Most people are making simulators nowadays, yes that’s correct. But tycoons can be a big hit since no one is making tycoons nowadays. It will be a really great idea to create a tycoon. :+1:

Try making a tycoon! :tada: