Are users allowed to copy my game when I was first and make a profit from it?

I have no clue what topic to place this under.

I made a game back in 2020 and I have found that when I type my game up on Roblox, multiple users are copying the game (the original one is the dark blue background which is mine):

What should I do about this?

Best way to remove them would be to send in a DMCA takedown request.


Hello. Thanks for the reply. How does the DMCA work? Also, could I have some guidance?

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Of course! First you should submit a Roblox Support Ticket which can be found here. Select your platform, DMCA, and Owner DMCA Claim, make sure to show specifically what they stole, and what games stole the assets. Then you’ll get an email back from Roblox within a few days.