Are values reliable?

Hello, i am currently making a game, and i was wondering if values (bool values, Number values, etc) were reliable to use. Ive been using them for stuns and other simple things, however im about to start to write a stat system, which i dont want to have many flaws. Should i use this type of values for it?

Yes, I dont see why not, they also are very reliable when storing data in DataStore.


I don’t think they’re any less or more reliable than other ways of storing values like in a module script or a table inside of a script. However I prefer module scripts due to cleanliness. Storing tens of hundreds of values as instances is ugly (possibly small performance impact depending on how many), if you think you’ll ever store that many values, consider switching to tables inside scripts to hold stats.


Yep values are very reliable. But I think attributes are faster.

Yes they are reliable, since they are just values that you store same as attributes, but I do recommend using ReplicaService, is partnered with ProfileService for saving data.

They work, but I would opt to use module scripts. Keep one script to store and manage the data tree so you aren’t rewriting code in every script to read or write data.