Are "vibe" games profitable?

So, recently i got inspired by the view from my window and decided to make a game in late USSR like style. As a result, here comes another one “vibe” game. Is it even possible to make a profit from these type of games novadays? Because roblox looks oversaturated with it.

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You could make Game Passes for profit which some players might buy, like: special poses, dances etc.

You also make profit from premium players playing your game, but not too much

And you should probably fix this (happens when you try to get out of the bed)


I think vibe games are less profitable but can still be profitable. You need to add some simple gamepasses like balloon or add dances for robux. You should as well add VIP tag because people like to have VIP right on top of their head. Try not to advertise it for too much robux though because that might make you not profitable. Most people that come in vibe games have robux and premium which can get you premium payouts.