Are Vibe Games Still Vibing?

(17) Noteworthy Notetaking - Roblox Hey! This is a new vibe game me and a dev team worked on, feedback would be great and also are vibe games still a thing?


Well, most of vibe games are heavily impacted by the audio reorganization, meaning now they’ll have to vibe with their own original songs, and I don’t think many of the creators actually knows how to compose music.

I don’t like pure vibe games, it’s utterly boring, and feels like a waste of time. I do like vibe though, for example watching sunset on the hills with other players in ZO, which is actually a realistic sword combat game.

Just don’t do pure vibe, at least make it a roleplay business (cafe, bar, hotel).

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Yes of course. I made it so that you can place notes that last forever, the game has all original music that is not copyright too :smiley:

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I personally suggest you to add virtual e-books or virtual instruments, I would legitimately love to spend hours in a game reading REAL books.

Yes we are making a image update and page update, like you add a page for 1 credit

Vibe games were popular but I don’t think anyone would join them anymore since the audio privacy update. Many players join these type of games to share their “Music” with others or post tiktoks and without the ability to do this it won’t attract any players.

So far it’s doing pretty good actually XD