Are we allowed to restrict game access by gamepass?

Hi, my question is the above. Are we allowed to restrict game access by a gamepass? I was asked by a friend who owns a game and he wants to make it paid access but as lots of his playerbase already have purchased a gamepass he wants to make it that kind of system. Is it allowed and if not can you link me to where it says it isn’t?

you can check if they own the gamepass if not then kick them

You can not, but you can check whenever a player is joining if he owns the gamepass and if not kick him.
For example:

	local marketPlaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService");

    local gamepassId = 0 -- Change to your gamepass ID.
	if marketPlaceService:UserOwnsGamepassAsync(player.UserId, gamepassId) then
		player:Kick("You can not join considering you don't own the gamepass!")

And yes, it is allowed, but as @dthecoolest already said, it is very likely to garner negative user opinions.


I believe the topic also somewhat belongs to game design support. But yeah it’s possible to implement.

Although this restriction to the entire game itself by game pass is likely to garner negative user repercussions when free players join and are immediately kicked (They may not read the description). So be aware of that, might be better to just add on VIP only areas to expand on the game.

I think you need to insert a script and edit it to do that

I think this will impact how players see your game, they will be able to rate the game after being kicked.


You can make a game paid-access only, why use a gamepass? It wouldn’t be worth the negative ratings, and just making it paid-access would be a lot more simple. People that bought the gamepass are most likely willing to pay to get access to the game. Just give them some extra perks and they should be happy.


Your suggestion is good, but I recommend you to read the Topic properly first.


As said above, the OP would like older players who already own a game pass to play the game for free.

I get that, but having a game that you have to pay for a gamepass to enter makes the game seem less official and thus will lead to less sales than just using the built-in feature meant for this.

Maybe… If the player don’t have the game pass give them restrictions on some features what they can do instead of kicking it off.

That means they don’t have full access to certain features in-game until they own the game pass.

I wouldn’t recommend it. Players who get kicked because they don’t own a gamepass a very likely to downvote the game.

I agree with @EthanBlox_TV. But instead of restricting features, give extra stuff to those that already own it.

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I’m using this method too on my minigames that still under development.

Kicking off players for not having game pass have negative impact.

I think this is a better alternative to paid access actually, because if you charge 25 robux to enter you get 3 robux I think from the sale, but gamepasses will give you 17.

Yeah It’s possible. You’ll just have to face a bunch of negative players though, and since they played your game they can dislike it.