Are we allowed to use a sfx from a game off this platform?

Are we allowed to use a sound effect from a game on a different platform.

I’m not sure if we could, just asking before I do it just to stay away from copyright.

I was thinking to ask this on the dev fourm…

ex; a walking sound effect from fortnite

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No, unless you want your game to be taken down by a DMCA request, then be my guest. :upside_down_face:

This has been asked countless times, please use the search bar before hitting create topic next time

You should only use assets that you own and have legal rights to use.


That thread doesn’t answer OP’s question though? The thread you linked has to do with uploading external content to Roblox, not using Roblox content externally. If you think logically about it you can have an answer which is that the vice versa is also applicable, but that’s not an implication for most people.

The only thing that’s apparent and true is that you shouldn’t be using content that you don’t have permission for, regardless of where it’s sourced. Whether you’re uploading outside materials to Roblox or trying to take Roblox materials outside, it’s the same - no permission, no use.

The thread’s wording is a bit confusing though, all things aside. By game I assume they refer to a Roblox game so “use SFX from a Roblox game off-platform” and I’m not sure why Fortnite’s walking sound is the example since that’s not a Roblox game. If this doesn’t have to do with Roblox, then I have no idea why it’s on the forum to begin with.

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No,he wanted to add a sfx FROM fortnite,but uhh you will have 0% chance to get permission if u use it from fortnite

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That’s why I said the wording is confusing. The wording is laid out as both wanting to use Roblox content elsewhere and other content on Roblox.

If it’s the latter of using external content on Roblox, then I am mistaken in what I said, and then I back the point that OP should really just do their own research since the same thread has been raised countless times.

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With the example it seems kind of obvious, and the “from a game on a different platform” at the beginning of the post. Even the title says “a game off this platform”, which could be worded a different way possibly, but still it seems pretty obvious what they’re asking about.

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It took me a few re-reads to understand that the main focus was using external assets as well as the phrasing, “[Are we allowed to use SFX from a game] [off this platform -> not on this platform]”, but by then the conversation has long since expired so I didn’t bother to update my posts.

The question has already been asked countless times in this and other categories and should have been searched first. The answer is, as put earlier, that permission is required.

Please raise issues with my posts in private next time. It doesn’t make much sense to bump a thread to comment on something I said if it isn’t relevant to answering OP’s question.

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That makes no sense to me but sure

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hey, Ruizukuun_dev.
I’ve seen games like “Shinobi Life 2” use sfxs from an anime, is that legal? How is their team able to do it?

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  • Got permission to use the sfx
  • Weren’t caught yet

Most likely the first bullet point though

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its fan drawn/fan made its not an actual image from the anime

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talking about sounds not images.

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