Are we allowed to use decals by roblox?

Hey I am planning on designing my first game and wanted to know if roblox from the catalog decals are permitted to use I wanted to possibly use them on my fortress creation.A extension allows us to do it but I do not know if roblox would be against this.

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Can you be more clear about “decals by Roblox?”

If you are talking about free decals in the library then yes, they were made free for a reason.

Note: If these decals are not free and you are using an extension to get it, then that is not allowed as you don’t have the consent of the users who made them.


Sorry if its off topic it made sense in my head.

I don’t think he means free decals considering he says “An extension allows us”

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The problem is solved already I figured how im going to do it George :roll_eyes:

It’s not that it’s off topic. I’m just unsure what you mean by “decals by Roblox”

Can you link a few as examples?

Edited my post, I do understand the point you raise.

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I mean there is a extension that lets us see the decal roblox uses for their items
Thats what I am saying is that against terms

If you mean the textures for hats on official Roblox related items, such as hats in the catalog. To my knowledge you are fine to use them.

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