Are we allowed to use "Robux" as an in-game currency?

We’re currently creating a game that involves limiteds and such, and we want it to be as authentic as possible.

I’ve seen many other games doing this, but roblox blocked an image when I uploaded it (a robux icon image).

Am I allowed to do this, of course with a disclaimer that none of this transfers to the website.


I’d believe so, as WhoseTrade has a quite popular game called Limited Simulator which uses this concept. The icon may have been rejected just due to the fact that there is such a huge presence of scam games which is unfortunate but there’s not much you can do, I’d recommend trying to the best of your ability to recreate the icon- but yes do stress in the description of your game and probably either the start or somewhere inside of the actual game itself that none of it is real nor transfers over on-site.


Try sending a message to the Mod_Review_Requests and see if they can undo the moderation on the image. They could have accidentally declined the image.

Please don’t fall into this trap of because they did it we can do it as some games get away with things that are against the terms of use.

After briefly reading over the terms of use I couldn’t find anything that says you can’t use robux as an in game currency so off that basis I am assuming you are allowed to use robux as an in game currency. However I could be completely wrong.

With that said I would advise against using robux as a currency because lots of players may get confused even if you have a disclaimer as lots of younger players wont even bother reading it. If you have a way to buy in game robux using real robux players may get even more confused because they may think it is a way to buy real robux.


Yeah, I swayed away from it. Thanks for the reply though!

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Just to add on you can use it it isn’t against the rules. But if you were to use it put something in the description saying the robux wont be transferred to your main account blah blah blah. Also, have it in the intro if you are gonna have one for the game.

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