Are wheel of fortunes allowed?

I have been working on a wheel of fortune for an arcade area for a game im working on.

The wheel costs 15 robux to spin and gives you a random amount of coins, about the same amount you would get if you bought coins directly from the shop.

Are wheel of fortunes like that allowed on roblox? I read other topics and never got any clear answer.
Can i maybe make a gamepass instead that you need to have to be able to use it and then you need to pay for it with coins? is that allowed?


I think it won’t be allowed because the wheel of fortune that you just make cost 15 Robux and I think was a gamble because of the price that you spin. not only that but also wasted somebody money on this “Wheel of Fortunes” because the user want was the value of the coins. so I prefer you to do was doing the “wheel of fortunes” turn in to a “Wheel of the Daily fortunes” instead so not a lot of people get mad about the wheel that you make. I also prefer that if you want to make more money instead of wheel or something was making a GUI that has a lot of value of the coins and also the value of Robux so the player can buy more Robux at the shop GUI.

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What do you mean in the last part?

I don’t really understand what you are saying here.

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You cannot use Robux or a currency that can be bought with Robux to gamble. You can give players a daily spin, or add a currency that can be earned but cannot be bought, and use it.


What if i make a gamepass that will give people something like 3 daily spins/uses?

You cannot do that as players spend Robux to gamble indirectly. Robux and gambling should not come close. You can add a currency that can be earned by completing an obby or something, and use that to spin.


But isnt that kinda what games with egg hatcing systems does? you pay robux for a random pet.

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Item cases and such don’t count as gambling. They should work utterly random, however. Having an algorithm to determine what item to give will result in a violation of the ToS.


Is there any way to earn robux of having a wheel of fortune?

The only way I can think of is a redeeming system. You allow players to spin for free, or without Robux, and if they earn a specific item or items, they have to redeem it using Robux or a currency that can be bought with Robux.

Activating an item is far from gambling, since the players will know what they are getting. And besides, they only have to do it if they want to use the item they have earned. You can add a 24 hour timer to pressure the players to deciding quickly.


Doesn’t this break the rules? The plaza has a gamepass that gives people the ability to use their casino as much as they want. You also get 20 free uses on each type of machine each day. And they cost points to use, which you buy from robux.

How is that allowed?

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If I recall correctly, The Plaza had to put its casino out of service for a while, and after that, they introduced non-Robux methods I explained above, like a currency that can’t be bought with Robux.

NO You cannot make a wheel of fortune system that uses Robux. Roblox wants to keep their E10+ rating. If you were to make that roblox would be rated AO (Adults Only) for Gambling.

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They do to the ESRB

30 charrrrrrssssssssssssss

NO! It is against the Roblox’s TOS.
Imagine a game with a lootbox system. A lootbox has a 1% chance to contain the item you want, but a 99% chance to contain a thing you probably didn’t want.
Lootboxes couldn’t be obtained through gameplay and you had to purchase them for Credits, a money-only currency.
250 Credits for one lootbox, 2250 for 10 lootboxes.
You could purchase 2000 Credits for $10 USD.

A list of the problems with this system:

  • You don’t know what are you getting for your cash when you purchase Credits for lootboxes. You could get nothing in return, you could get an item worth 100 times more. Like a lottery.
  • With the Credit System, you don’t know how much are you actually spending. You are spending 2250 Credits for 10 boxes, but how MUCH is 2250?
  • With the Credit system, you can only purchase Credits in set packs. For example, the cheapest pack is $5 for 800 Credits, and $10 for 2000. When you purchase the 2000, you ALMOST have enough for 10 lootboxes, but you cannot purchase them as you are missing 250 credits. So you have to spend an extra $5 for 800 Credits, and have 550 credits left over. Even when you purchase 2 extra lootboxes, you WILL have 50 credits left over that you cannot spend.
  • Kids don’t have access to their card account summary. You have to blindly guess how much you spent, ESPECIALLY when it’s in a foreign currency and exchange rates fluctuate.

The concept you’re mentioning here is exactly the same as the Lootbox system, expect we now use Robux instead of Credits and use Spins instead of Lootboxes. It’s the same otherwise, just with different names.
And with the 15 Robux price, you again end up with leftover Robux. The lowest Robux pack is 80 for $1 and that could get you 5 Spins for 75, and have the other 5 left on their account, unused until they buy more.