Are you a 3D modeler? We really need your help!

In some fantasy settings, there exists an organization that facilitates quest posting and fulfillment? Like a guild or something.

That’s what we here at Sayounara Studios are trying to pull, but with asset modeling instead!

As our flagship project, Astral:Hearts, is approaching completion on the technical end, we need to start filling out our content. This requires a whole array of 3D assets to be created. In order to fulfill this need, we’re looking to any and all 3D modelers willing to put in the work (that meet the quality we’re looking for).

The current published version of A:H right now is incomplete, with a lot of the framework being rewritten and unpublished. You can probably find YouTube videos on what the game was looking like back in August/September. It’s a lot closer to what the final vision of the game will be.

"Okay, nice elevator pitch. What will you need from me?", you might say.
Essentially, we’d need you to make whatever assets we have posted in our special modelers’ Discord. The plan is to have a list of assets that need to get created, alongside a price for said asset. Upon completion of the asset, you’d submit it to the team, we’d review it, and pay you accordingly! It’s a really straightforward partnership!

Assets can cost anywhere from R$3,000 to R$10,000 depending on the estimated complexity of it. The posted prices are also not final, and are up to negotiation if you feel something is a lot more time-consuming than what we thought.

Here are some examples from the team's long-time modelers of what we're looking for in terms of quality.

We expect the same level of polish, but you are free to use your own style when designing.

How do I get started?
Right now, we’re compiling our list and setting up the server/Trello board to facilitate all of the asset listings. That should be up by May 6 and we’ll edit this post with that information. If you’re super interested now and really want to work on stuff, feel free to DM me and we can go from there.


Followed Astral:Hearts for a while and seen how it’s progressed. The game was pretty good last time I played it (which was a while ago - I’m sure it has developed further since then). Definitely a good job for people interested in the fantasy rpg sort of genre.

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