Are you allowed to link to other websites inside a game?

Say I have a game and a website that sells merchandise for said game.
Am I allowed to reference the website or link to it anywhere in the game?

If not, how would I tell my players where they’d get the merchandise without getting in trouble with Roblox?

To be safe, I would steer clear of referencing that website.
You can tell players about this merchandise on external platforms like Discord / Youtube (which are legal by Roblox ToS).
Though, I am not sure if selling merchandise to redeem in-game things is allowed, so steer clear of that as well.

Got it, thanks
Not to throw names or anything but I could’ve sworn big games or some other group sold merchandise with redeemable codes that would give you items in game which is why I was curious.

You can do it as long as you use the places that Roblox gives for that

Putting links anywhere else is not okay since Roblox can’t moderate who sees and who doesn’t see that.

For example, the <13 cannot see social links, while the 13> Yes.