Area 27 Guide's

Hello, are you in game? Or didn’t you know some secrets?
I will teach you here some thing’s.

  1. Most popular thing is how to be surender?
  • In PC press ctrl and then u will see ‘interaction menu’ press use and press surender.
  • In mobile press menu button (with text button) then u will see ‘mobile interaction menu’ its same as PC menu press use then press surender button.
  1. How to release Surender?
    If you are surender u can’t release self or someone.
    But if you see surender and need to release press ctrl mobile press menu button
    You will see interaction menu
    Here is images what u need to after that
    And yes go to surender at first person look to him
How to Images


  1. How to become other teams what is for level and how to get level
    Level system has been added at 1 part of mass rework.
    Some teams still have group only lock
    If u see this team u need to pass Tryout to be this team.
    Other ways u will see level reqruiment
    To get level u need exp
    Walk jump to get exp just stand still but be focused in game with mouse it will give exp too! Its work with tokens too! But only for walking :slight_smile:
    Hope you understand.

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